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Bret Farrell Farrell 1 American History Ronald Reagan Essay Final Copy 4/16/2008 Ronald Reagan: A Man For All Seasons Ronald Reagan was a near perfect description of the American man; an athlete, actor, director, family man, and mostly politician. His extraordinary achievement as President of the U.S. was to succeed in the two most difficult challenges of his time: defeating the Soviet Union and reviving the American economy and spirit. Ronald Wilson Reagan was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Ill. He was the middle child of three boys. Their father was a Democrat, who was a very outspoken man in opposition to racial bigotry. Their mother, who was more conservative, gave dramatic readings while volunteering at women's clubs, hospitals, and jails. As Reagan entered high school, he showed a grand ability to succeed in all of his interests in life, whether it was sports, drama, or politics. In 11 th grade he was reported to have been on the basketball team, football team, swim team, and track squad. He had parts in school plays as a young actor. With a spark for politics building, Reagan ran for what would be his first landslide victory in politics, president of the student council. At Eureka College, a Christian school, Reagan continued his success in sports, drama, and campus politics. He was a varsity guard on the football team and was captain of the swimming team, while participating in track. A member of the drama club, he had roles in college dramatic productions. As president of the freshman class he helped organize a student strike against cutbacks in the curriculum, which led to the
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Farrell 2 resignation of the president of the college. Ronald later was president of the student body.
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Ronald Reagan - Bret Farrell Farrell 1 American History...

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