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ECMC61 – International Economics: Finance Chapter 17 – Output and the Exchange Rate in the Short Run Question 1: Problems #2. (Short run analysis only) Question 2: Problems #4. Question 3: Problems #8 (Short run analysis only) Question 4: A tax break will increase output and deteriorate the current account in the short run. Discuss. Question 5: A small open economy can be described by the following equations: DD equation: Y = 27900 + G – 800P + 500E AA equation: Y = 3000 + 10 + 1000E e – 500E Long-run output level: Y FE = 9K 1/3 L 2/3 Note: Exchange rate is quoted as E DC/FC . Keep your answer to 4 decimal points . a) This economy has 64000 units of capital and 1000 workers. In addition, the level of (nominal) money supply is 26250 while the level of government spending is 10% of the country’s long-run level of output. Compute the long-run equilibrium values of DC/FC exchange rate if the expected value of DC (E e ) is 28 DC per FC. b)
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Review_Questions_Chapters_17__18 - ECMC61 International...

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