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15 2.32 (I saw this problem in John Bentley’s Programming Pearls.) Approach 1: The model is Depth X Width X Flow where Depth and Width are in miles and Flow is in miles/day. The Mississippi river at its mouth is about 1/4 mile wide and 100 feet (1/50 mile) deep, with a f ow of around 15 miles/hour = 360 miles/day. Thus, the f ow is about 2 cubic miles/day. Approach 2: What goes out must equal what goes in. The model is Area X Rainfall where Area is in square miles and Rainfall is in (linear) miles/day. The Mississipi watershed is about 1000 X 1000 miles, and the average rainfal is about 40 inches/year .1 inches/day .000002 miles/day (2 X 10 6 ). Thus, the f ow is about 2 cubic miles/day. 2.33 Note that the student should NOT be providing answers that look like they were done using a calculator. This is supposed to be an exercise in estima- tion! The amount of the mortgage is irrelevant, since this is a question about rates. However, to give some numbers to help you visualize the problem, pick a
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