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16 Chap. 2 Mathematical Preliminaries 2.37 An hour has 3600 seconds, so one million seconds is a bit less than 300 hours. A good estimater will notice that 3600 is about 10% greater than 3333, so the actual number of hours is about 10% less than 300, or close to 270. (The real value is just under 278). Of course, this is just over 11 days. 2.38 Well over 100,000, depending on what you wish to classify as a city or town. The real question is what technique the student uses.
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Unformatted text preview: 2.39 (a) The time required is 1 minute for the f rst mile, then 60/59 minutes for the second mile, and so on until the last mile requires 60 / 1 = 60 minutes. The result is the following summation. 60 X i =1 60 /i = 60 60 X i =1 1 /i = 60 H 60 . (b) This is actually quite easy. The man will never reach his destination, since his speed approaches zero as he approaches the end of the journey....
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