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Data Str& - int rightchild(int pos const return 2*pos 2 Return rightchild pos int parent(int pos const Return parent position

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36 Chap. 5 Binary Trees 5.18 (a) The array will take on the following order: 653421 The value 7 will be at the end of the array. (b) The array will take on the following order: 746321 The value 5 will be at the end of the array. 5.19 // Min-heap class template <class Elem, class Comp> class minheap { private: Elem* Heap; // Pointer to the heap array int size; // Maximum size of the heap int n; // # of elements now in the heap void siftdown(int); // Put element in correct place public: minheap(Elem* h, int num, int max) // Constructor { Heap = h; n = num; size = max; buildHeap(); } int heapsize() const // Return current size { return n; } bool isLeaf(int pos) const // TRUE if pos a leaf { return (pos >= n/2) & (pos < n); } int leftchild(int pos) const { return 2*pos + 1; } // Return leftchild pos
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Unformatted text preview: int rightchild(int pos) const { return 2*pos + 2; } // Return rightchild pos int parent(int pos) const // Return parent position { return (pos-1)/2; } bool insert(const Elem&); // Insert value into heap bool removemin(Elem&); // Remove maximum value bool remove(int, Elem&); // Remove from given pos void buildHeap() // Heapify contents { for (int i=n/2-1; i>=0; i--) siftdown(i); } }; template <class Elem, class Comp> void minheap<Elem, Comp>::siftdown(int pos) { while (!isLeaf(pos)) { // Stop if pos is a leaf int j = leftchild(pos); int rc = rightchild(pos); if ((rc < n) && Comp::gt(Heap[j], Heap[rc])) j = rc; // Set j to lesser child’s value if (!Comp::gt(Heap[pos], Heap[j])) return; // Done...
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