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Review sheet for CHM2120A from the Exam 2 to the Final (You must also know material from Exam 1/Midterm/Exam 2 review sheets) Readings you need to know : Solomon 9 th ed., 17.1, 17.2, 18.4 Stuff you should have read : Solomon 9 th ed., 16.8, 16.10, 17.1- 17.7, 18.1-18.8. Mechanisms you need to know : acidic and basic mediated enolization, Aldol, Alkylation, Haloform, α - halogenation, Wittig, Baeyer Villager, ester hydrolysis, Nucleophilic and electrophilic ester formation Concepts to remember : tautomerization, stereochemistry of Wittig reactions, reversible and irreversible
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Unformatted text preview: reactions, kinetic and thermodynamic enolates Reactions you need to know: R PPh 3 R PPh 3 O R H 2 NR'' R R' R' N R'' X X R PPh 3 O R' R R' PPh 3 O R' R O O R R' O R R' R'' mCPBA O R O R'' R' O R OH 1. Base 2. R'-X O R OR' O R OH O R OCH 3 CH 2 N 2 O R OH R'OH O R OR' H O R OR' 1.NaOH 2.H 3 O O R OH O R HOAc Br 2 O R Br O R 1. NaOH X 2 O R OH 2. H 3 O O R R' 1. base 2. R''-X O R R' R'' O R R' 1. base 2. R''-CHO O R R' R'' OH base protic solvent O R R' OH O R R'...
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