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Review sheet for CHM2120A from Exam 1 to the Midterm (Must also know material from Exam 1 review sheet) Readings you need to know : Solomon 9 th ed., 15.11 Stuff you should have read : Solomon 9 th ed., 15.1-15.11, 15.14. Mechanisms you need to know : EAS with EDG and EWG. Concepts to remember : regiochemistry, reaction coordinates, transition state, Hammond postulate, rate
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Unformatted text preview: determining step Reactions you need to know: HNO 3 , H 2 SO 4 NO 2 SO 3 , H 2 SO 4 SO 3 H X 2 , FeX 3 Br (X = Cl or Br) O R Cl AlCl 3 R O R AlCl 3 R Cl R= alkyl chain, may rearrange during reaction Sn, HCl NH 2 or H 2 , Pd/C NO 2 H 2 SO 4 H H 2 O SO 3 H NaOH OH heat SO 3 H KMnO 4 CO 2 H CH 3 NaOH NBS, h CH 3 Br Zn(Hg), HCl O or H 2 NNH 2 , NaOH...
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