E2_ - 2 What is your prediction Which materials do you think will conduct 3 Write exactly what you did 4 What were the results and why did you draw

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E2: What materials are conductors? Materials: A battery, a bulb, and a piece of wire, and various materials around the room Vocabulary words conductor – a material through which electricity easily passes insulator – a material through which electricity does not pass semi-conductor – an in-between material Initial Instructions and questions: Using the materials you have been given or can find in the room, or any other personal item you would like to try, determine which materials are conductors and which are insulators. Include at least five materials of each type, including yourself. Are people conductors? (Warning, experimenting on cell phones or iPods could have unintended consequences.) Discussions for your lab notebook: 1. Before beginning this lab, concider the word “conductor”. Do you ever use it in a context other than electricity? Write a definition for the non-electrical use.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What is your prediction? Which materials do you think will conduct? 3. Write exactly what you did. 4. What were the results and why did you draw those conclusions? Do the results support your conclusion? 5. What “physics” did you learn as a result of this experiment and class discussions? 6. What are some common misconceptions did you or other students have about this study and what evidence convinced you or that other student to change their mind? (Hint: Professor Hamilton told me so is not a good answer!) 7. Looking back at E1, is there anything you learned from this experiment that clarifies the result from that experiment for you? E.g., which parts of the lightbulb are conductors and which parts are insulators? 8. After reviewing this lab and thinking about the results, make a list of any questions you have or discussion point you would like to bring up....
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