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E4_E5_2-2-10 - E4 Size and direction of current Materials...

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E4: Size and direction of current Materials: three batteries, three battery holders, 1 bulb, 1 bulb holder, on switch, wire Initial Instructions and questions: In this lab, I want you to think about the size and direction of the current. Using only what you have, are there any clues as to the size of the current? the direction of the current? Look at your definition of current from E1. Guide to notes in your lab notebook: 1. What do you predict the outcome will be? Why? 2. While you are doing this lab, try to think of models you could you to describe your hypothesis and your results. 3. Make copious notes on exactly what you did and the outcome. 4. Did you or your fellow students have any misconceptions about this activity? Specifically, what evidence refuted this misconception? 5. Make a list of points you need to clarify. Discuss how you could address them experimentally . E5: Bulbs in series Materials: Three batteries, three battery holders, three bulbs, three bulb holders, one switch
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