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E7_2-15-10 - E7 More on parallel circuits Materials More...

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E7: More on parallel circuits Materials: More batteries, more battery holders, more bulbs, more bulb holders, lots of wires, switches, lots of patience, etc… Initial Instructions and questions: Let’s re-examine parallel circuits, this time in a more systematic way. 1. Connect up different parallel circuits. For example, a) one bulb in parallel with another, b) one bulb in parallel with two series bulbs, c) one bulb in parallel with a plain wire (this may “short the battery” so don’t leave the switch closed for long). d) etc. Put switches in the circuits so it is easy to quickly add or subtract parts of the circuit and use enough batteries to make the bulbs reasonably bright. 2. Think about each loop the current could follow independently. Make a chart in your notebook and record the number of batteries and the number of bulbs in each of these loops and record your prediction for whether the current will be greater than, equal to, or less than a simple circuit with just a battery and a bulb.
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