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H1: Heat and temperature, what do they mean? Materials: thermometers, a metal plate, a wooden board, a piece of styrofoam, hot water, cold water (from ice slurry), room temperature water, styrofoam cups Initial Instructions (Touch and Temperature): 1. You have been given a number of objects (wood, metal, styrofoam). Using your sense of touch, rank them according to which you think is hotter, and which you think is colder. Write your list on your whiteboard. 2. Now you will be given a thermometer. Measure the temperature of each item in degrees Celsius. Write the temperature measurement beside each item.
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Unformatted text preview: Did you get the results you expected? 3. Hold the tip of the thermometer tightly in your hand for 30 seconds. Record the skin temperature of each partner. 4. Discuss with your partner what you think is meant by heat and temperature and present your ideas on your whiteboard. We’ll discuss them in class. 4. Get half cups of cold, hot, and room temperature water in Styrofoam cups. Put your finger in each (careful with the hot water) and record your impression of temperature. Measure each with your thermometer....
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