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H3: Mixing water at different temperatures Materials: hot water, cold, tap water, graduated cylinder for measuring the volume of water, scale for measuring the mass of water, temperature probes Initial Instructions and questions: Our goal today is to figure out a rule or set of rules that will predict the final temperature when you mix different amounts of water at different temperatures. Before doing the experiments, make predictions for the following cases: a) equal amounts at equal temperatures b) equal amounts at unequal temperatures c) unequal amounts at equal temperatures d) unequal amounts at unequal temperatures. After making your predictions, test them in the two most interesting cases (b and d). But first, practice measuring amounts of water. Volume is measured milliliters (mL) or thousandths of a liter. Mass is measured in grams. Carefully put 100 mL of room temperature water in a graduated cylinder. Pour it into a cup and determine its mass using the scale.
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