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H4: Heat transfer, what does it mean? Materials: your data from H3, graph paper, hot water, cold water, Initial definitions and givens: calorie: amount of energy 1 gram of water gains or loses when it changes temperature by 1 degree. This physics calorie is abbreviated cal. The food energy Calorie is written with a capital C, is abbreviated Cal, and is equal to 1000 small c calories. Initial Instructions and questions: In H3 you did two experiments, one with equal masses of hot and cold water and one with unequal masses. Here you will analyze the one with unequal masses. On a piece of graph paper, represent a cup of water by a rectangle whose x-axis is mass and y-axis is temperature. Choose appropriate axes that start at zero. Show me your axes before drawing the rectangles. You can put all four rectangles on one sheet of graph paper. Make before and after plots for the hot water and the cold water. In the “after” plot, the “hot” water and the “cold” water will have the same
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