H8_ - H8 Mixing Ice and Water Materials ice hot water room temperature water styrofoam cups temperature probes Initial Instructions and questions 1

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H8: Mixing Ice and Water Materials: ice, hot water, room temperature water, styrofoam cups, temperature probes Initial Instructions and questions: 1. Get a large cup of ice, add some room temperature water to create an ice slurry. Put both probes in the cup. Take data while you stir gently until an equilibrium temperature is reached? Record your final temperature and print out your graph. 2. Dump the first cup in the sink and get another large cup of ice and another cup about half full of hot water. You are going to slowly add hot water until all the ice melts. But first, make a prediction. What do you think the temperature of the ice and water mixture will do as you add hot water? 3. You should set your experiment time to 10 minutes, so you have plenty of time to acquire all the data. Use one probe to keep track of the hot water temperature and the other to track the ice temperature. Add a little hot water and stir until the temperature stops changing. Then add some more water and do the same thing. Use only a little water each time so that you can add hot water five to ten times
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