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H9: Melting ice – latent heat of fusion Materials: ice, hot water, styrofoam cups, scales, temperature probes Initial definitions and givens: latent = hidden or concealed fusion – the act of melting by application of heat (one of several definitions) latent heat – heat that causes a phase change but no change in temperature latent heat of fusion (L f ) - the number of calories required to change one gram of a substance from a solid to a liquid at the melting point. It’s also equal to the number of calories released when one gram of a substance changes from a liquid to a solid. L f = 80 cal/g for water. Initial Instructions and questions: Using ice and hot water, design an experiment to determine the latent heat of fusion for water. There is more than one way. Here are two possibilities. (1) Add enough hot water to melt a know amount of 0 °C ice. (How do you know the ice is at 0 °C?) From the mass of the ice, the mass of the hot water, the initial temperature of the hot water, and the final temperature, you can calculate L
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