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H11_4-7-10 - or room temperature water(about 300 mL is good...

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H11: Temperature of liquid nitrogen Materials: liquid nitrogen, copper cylinder, large Styrofoam cup, grabbers for handling the copper, warm water, temperature probes Initial Instructions and questions: Design an experiment to determine the boiling point of nitrogen. (Note: the liquid nitrogen you will be given will be boiling.) Important: liquid nitrogen is so cold you cannot put a temperature probe into it without destroying the probe. Do not do it! Come up with a scheme using the copper cylinder and a known amount of warm
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Unformatted text preview: or room temperature water (about 300 mL is good). Re-weigh the cylinder. They aren’t all the same. When you have a plan, call your teacher over and explain it. Guide to notes in your lab notebook: 1. How did your value of the boiling point of nitrogen compare with the accepted value (-196 °C)? 2. Discuss possible sources of error? 3. How would you change your experiment to obtain a more reliable result?...
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