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O2: Fun with shadows Materials: Incandescent light bulbs, screen, cardboard and scissors Initial instructions and questions: 1) Cut a shape out of thick paper. What do you predict the shadow will look like? Draw a sketch. How can you change the size of the shadow? Can you make the shadow bigger than the object you cut out? the same size? smaller? Now try it. Do the results confirm your predictions? Does light seem to travel in straight lines or curvy lines? 2) Now consider what would happen if, instead of having one light source, you
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Unformatted text preview: had two. Draw a sketch of what would happen if your cardboard were illuminated by two light bulbs instead of one? After you have discussed your predictions with the class, observe the results on the screen. How do you interpret the results? Guide to notes in your lab notebook: 1. Based on your observations, how would you define the word “shadow”? 2. What are the conditions for making a shadow? 3. What factors impact the appearance of a shadow? 4. What do shadows tell you about the propagation of light?...
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