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O4_4-26-10 - Draw a sketch and try to find a relationship...

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O4: Geometry of pinhole “images” Materials: Optical bench, metal cylinder, black paper with a pinhole, translucent screen, projector to project a simple shape Initial instructions and questions: 1) Suppose you very gradually enlarged your pinhole, until eventually, it was as big around as your finger. How do you think this would change the image you observe? Try to draw a sketch and reason through a solid prediction before you try it. 2) Now suppose your pinhole was a different shape. How would that change what you observe on the screen? Again, try to make a solid prediction before trying it. A long, skinny elongated slit works well. Try changing the orientation of the slit from horizontal to vertical. 3) How does the size of the image vary as you move the screen? What if you move the projector back and forth and varied its distance from the pinhole.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw a sketch and try to find a relationship that you can used to make predictions. For example, if you knew how far away an object was, could you determine its size based on the size of the image? 4) If you knew the sun was 150,000,000,000 meters away, could you use a pinhole camera, and your reasoning from 3) to estimate the diameter of the sun? If it’s a sunny day, we will try this. Guide to notes in your lab notebook: 1. Draw sketches of what you expect to see in steps 1) through 3) and draw diagrams of what you actually observe. Are they the same? 2. What does this tell you about the propagation of light? 3. Can you reconcile your observations with those you made in previous labs? 4. Work out a quantitative relationship between the size of the object viewed, the size of the image, and the distances involved....
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