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O5_4-27-10 - (d Using your data try to draw a diagram...

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O5: Refraction Materials: Small rectangular fish tank, plastic ruler, big beaker, various sized metal rods Initial instructions and questions: 1) Fill your rectangular tank about 2/3 full of water. (a) Stick your ruler straight up and down, and view it through the front of the tank and through the top of the tank. What do you see? (b) Now tilt it from side to side. What do you see? (c) How does it vary as you change your viewing angle and the orientation of the ruler? 2) Now fill your beaker with water. (a) Get a rod and hold it vertically in the center of the beaker. What do you see if you view the rod looking at the beaker straight on? (b) Try moving the rod away from the center of the beaker and nearer the side. What do you see? Does what you see change if you hold the rod in a fixed place and walk around the beaker? (c) Record your observations for several positions of the rod and viewing orientations.
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Unformatted text preview: (d) Using your data, try to draw a diagram explaining the path the light is taking. (e) Are your observations the same when the beaker is empty? 3) Your instructor will give you a wide, flat object to place inside the beaker. Does it appear different above and below the surface of the water? 4) Once you have discussed your observations with the class, your instructor will show you an apparatus that allows you to trace the path of light through different transparent objects called prisms. (a) How does the path of the light change as you change the orientations of the prisms? (b) Does the shape of the prisms matter? (c) Can you use ray diagrams and the path of the rays in the prism to explain the observations you made in steps 1 through 3? Guide to notes in your lab notebook: 1. Make a diagram of a submerged object, and make a diagram of what you see. Try to draw lines showing the path of the light....
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