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Brandon_T_wk_2_BusinessEthicsReflection - Running head...

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Running head: BUSINESS ETHICS REFLECTION 1 Business Ethics Reflection Brandon Tate XMGT-216 September 24, 2011 Michael Ishmael
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BUSINESS ETHICS REFLECTION 2 Business Ethics Reflection Ethics are what we as a society use to determine how the decisions we make will affect the others around us. We are constantly looking to ethics to get a grasp on what is right or wrong. Business ethics is a continuation on this base that sets a principle for a business to stand by when making the decisions within the business. Many companies outline this in a code of conduct. In this paper we are going to look at an ethical situation in the workplace that I had encountered in the past and how external social pressures influenced business ethics in this situation. I will also cover the relationships between virtue, values, and moral concepts in the ethical dilemma and how my decisions in this situation may have changed if I could make them now with my current knowledge in ethics. In 2003 I was placed in Pearl Mississippi as a department manager of a large lumber yard after working for the company for about 4 years. I was eager to take the leadership position and make a positive contribution to the company. I was also eager to learn from the other managers that had already been at the store for several years by continually asking them for their advice in the different situations that I would encounter. My first duty in my new position would be to hire a few new employees to work afternoons in the department. I put out several applications and went through numerous interviews which lead me to a young man that was a junior in high school that was looking for an
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Brandon_T_wk_2_BusinessEthicsReflection - Running head...

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