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Physics 115 – Spring 2010 - List of Experiments D.C. Hamilton E1 – Batteries and bulbs E2 – What materials are conductors? E3 – Batteries in series E4 – Size and direction of current E5 – Bulbs in series E6 – Parallel circuits E7 – More on parallel circuits E8 – Voltmeters, ammeters, and power supplies E9 – Introduction to linear relationships E10 – Ohm’s Law E11 – More about resistance and resistors E12 – Equivalent resistance and power E13 – Practical electricity H1 – Heat and temperature, what do they mean?
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Unformatted text preview: H2 Thermal equilibrium H3 Mixing water at different temperatures H4 Heat transfer, what does it mean? H5 Mixing unlike materials H6 Specific heat of aluminum H7 Introduction to ice H8 Mixing ice and water H9 Melting ice latent heat of fusion H10 Condensing Steam latent heat of vaporization H11 Temperature of liquid nitrogen H12 Rate of cooling, conservation of energy, Emmy Noether O1 Light emission from a bulb O2 Fun with shadows O3 View through a pinhole camera...
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