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P115_Temp_Probe_Calibration_2010 - Physics 115 Spring 2010...

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Physics 115 Spring 2010 Calibrating the Temperature Probes Equipment needed: 1. Cold water (ice water) 2. Hot water 3. Alcohol thermometer 4. Temperature probes 1. Make a copy of the Temperature Template temperature.mbl by dragging it from the desktop to your group’s folder in My Docs. 2. Double click on the copy in your folder to launch Logger Pro. 3. Make sure ULI interface is turned on and probes are plugged in. 4. Place both probes in the cold water along with the alcohol thermometer. 5. Set your experiment length to 300 s and then collect data for at least 90 s until the temperature approaches equilibrium (constant temperature). Stir gently with your probes while collecting data. 6. Choose Sensors from the Setup menu to open the Sensor Setup dialog box. (This can also be done by clicking on the ULI icon.) 7. Click on the Calibrate tab. 8. Click on both DIN1 and DIN2. Both icons should have black boarders. You will calibrate both probes simultaneously.
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