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Running head: SUPPLY AND DEMAND 1 Supply and Demand Brandon Tate XECO-212 September 24, 2011 Angela Smith
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SUPPLY AND DEMAND 2 Supply and Demand The conditions of the housing market in the area where you want to buy a new home are going to be a big factor in your purchase. Local market conditions can vary greatly across different areas and being aware of these differences can allow the consumer to purchase a new home that best suits them and that will give them something that will build equity in their future. New home costs are always affected by that supply and demand. The amount of homes for sale can establish either a positive or negative effect on the price of the home you purchase. When there are not many homes for sale in an area the homes are more likely to be sold at a higher price due to the fact that there will be a higher demand. The opposite is also true. When the amount of homes to purchase is high the cost of the homes is going to be lower. When there is excess of a product lower prices will stimulate sales to get rid of the excess product. The purchase of a home is a purchase not like any other and requires great planning and consideration of all the different factors that come into play. A home is a necessity that we all need and we do so by renting or purchasing a new home. There are those among us that have been able to make this necessity a way to make a profitable future for themselves. The possible
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Brandon_T_wk_2_Supply&Demand - Running head: SUPPLY AND...

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