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Code of Ethics: All employees will conduct themselves morally and ethically as professionals in the workplace All employees will abide by all rules and regulations that are enforced in the workplace. All employees respect other employees within the company in respect to their religious beliefs and different cultural backgrounds. All employees are to encourage respect and integrity throughout the company to promote a stronger workforce. All Employees will promote honesty within the company. All employees will show integrity in the workforce by conducting themselves in an ethical and morally sound way at all times.
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Unformatted text preview: • It is the employee’s responsibility to take care of each customer fairly and with respect. The employee will make sure that we satisfy the customer with the best of their abilities. Our company will manage social, moral, and ethical problems within a legal environment by using a legal service in which will determine the outcome of each situation on an individual basis. It is important that our company has a legal service to take the lead on all legal situations so that we may continue to promote integrity within the company...
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