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HW 11 Solutions_ 270_11

HW 11 Solutions_ 270_11 - HW 11 Solu)ons Conceptual...

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Unformatted text preview: HW 11 Solu)ons Conceptual Ques)ons: Problems and Exercises HW # 12 Solu)ons ASSIGNMENT # 11 Problem 1 SOLUTION 1. Since the speed of light is 20 miles/hr moving at 18 miles per hour the value of gamma is γ= 2.3 and as a result the car inerJa is more than twice larger (i.e. the car is more than twice heavier) and it is difficult to accelerate. 2. The height of the car does not change but its length shrinks in Mr. ScepJc’s frame by gamma, it namely becomes 3/2.3 meters. As a result the aspect raJo changes from 3 to 1.3. 3. In Mr. ScepJc’s frame the width of the car is 1/2.3 meters=.43 meters. The car that had a three to one aspect raJo now has 6.9 aspect raJo. Looks as made out of rubber. The same for the raJo of height to width that was1:1 and now 2.3 4. The car looks squashed since it moves at 12m/hour past Mr.ScepJc and in his frame he sees the same height but a length2.3 longer. 5. Since they move with the same speed there is no transformaJon. All normal in their reference frame. 6. From 4:36 to 4:16  ­> 20 minutes. From 4:50 to 4:16 ­> 34 minutes. ...
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