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Fall_2011_Wind Turbine gear Boxx - ME 452 Machine Design II...

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ME 452 – Machine Design II Fall 2011 - Project 2 Wind Turbine Gear-Box Design Due 4:30 pm Monday, December 5, 2011, in ME Room 2172 Background The goal of this project is to design a prototype gear box that will power a generator on a wind turbine. The wind turbine blades are about 17 feet in diameter, and are held in the air by a 60 foot tall tower. The turbine blades spin the input shaft of a gear box, which increases the speed and decreases the torque, to match the speed-torque requirements of the generator. Specifications You are to design the gear-box as shown in the attached Figure 1. You must use spur gears for all of the drive components in the gear-box. Following are design specifications for the gear box: Weight and size Minimize Gear ratio Nominally 18:1 ratio (speed increase) Minimum ratio 17:1, Maximum ratio 21:1 Shaft arrangement Parallel input and output shafts Co-linear input and output shafts (reverted gear-train) Input Shaft: protruding 4” out of front of gear-box – holds hub and blades Output Shaft: protruding 2” out of rear of gear-box. Provide adequate key slots on the input and output shafts. Lubrication Use oil bath splash lubrication Provide a fill hole, a check hole, and a drain hole. Loading Typical design loading is 20 mph wind, 200 rpm blade rotation rate. This gives loading (for fatigue calculations) on the input shaft of the gear box at: Torque = 38.6 ft-lb (Torque from the three blades) Lateral Load = 260 lb (weight of blades and hub) Axial load = 50.25 lb (thrust from the three blades) Large Winds can produce loads up to 3 times the typical loads (for yield loadings). Turbine speed is constant at 200 rpm (regulated by adjustable pitch blades) The turbine blades and hub weight 260 lb, mounted directly on the input shaft of the gear box. The output of the gear box drives the generator through a flexible coupling which transmits only torque. Fatigue
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Fall_2011_Wind Turbine gear Boxx - ME 452 Machine Design II...

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