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Theta Theta Vy Vz Fx Mz My T deg rad Lb Lb Lb 50 0.872665 47.12946 16.74583 3210.793 1593.615 -1004.75 -100.475 ϖ β α Cd CL V D L Ftang Htotal Htotal rpm deg deg ft/sec Lb Lb Lb hp KW 200 74.35177 0.648234 0.005458 0.246646 108.7505 0.382448 17.28326 4.29355 2.45247 1.828807 The coordinate system is defined locally with the x axis along the blade.
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Unformatted text preview: The sign convention is positive for 'tension' and negative for 'compression'. Power calculations for V0=20 mph Reaction forces at 200 rpm and V0=20mph...
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