HW6 - ME 576 HW #6 Due: 4/12/11 A system given by G p ( s )...

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M E 576 HW #6 Due: 4/12/11 1. A system given by 2 () (2 p ) ss = Gs + will be controlled in discrete domain with sampling interval T of 0.1 sec. (a) Design a discrete controller that will yield “dead-beat” response. (b) Design a discrete controller that will yield zero steady-state error to a unit step input after two sampling points, i.e., when t=2T. 2. Bollinger 4.7 (Use MATLAB to obtain the discrete T.F.) 3. This problem is based on the example problem 4.11 (pp. 148-149) of the Bollinger's book. After following the problem carefully, answer the following questions. (a) Design a feedback controller without feedforward control in order to have a zero steady state error for a ramp input of 0.1 m/s. (b) Calculate the steady state error for the system shown in Figure 4.17 when a 5kg load is
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