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ME 576 Lab. 1 Instruction CNC PART PROGRAMMING (MILLING) PART 1 Generate a manual part programming for the parts shown in Figures 1 and 2 for NUM 750F. The cutting conditions are as follows: Cutting tool diameter: 12 mm Spindle speed: 1000 rpm (use M43 S1000) Note: M43 is used to specify the spindle speed range. Feedrate: 2.5 mm/sec The format of the CNC part program should be as follows: %123 (program number) Nxx GG90G17 XYZ (first line template) Nxx begin program here (specify feed or feedrate, and use tool T1 for tool ID) Nxx …………… Nxx M02 (last line) For Figure 2, use the spline command for the lower right corner. Add the comments as necessary (not required). No tool diameter compensation is necessary for this lab. Once program is verified on the NUM750F, show the work to TA and get a printout. PART 2 Generate a part program using the software “Walli” for the part shown in Figure 3 for the Cybermill CNC milling machine. Once program is completed, simulate the program for verification, and then run the program on the Cybermill using a pen as tool. The “Walli” is available on all four PC’s and does not require the part program number or the header information as in NUM750F. The home position of the Cybermill is the upper left corner (from your view), positive X and Y
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lab1 - ME 576 Lab 1 Instruction CNC PART...

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