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ME 576 Lab. Assignment No. 8 Name This week's laboratory experiment involves programming of PLCs. Generate PLC programs for two examples covered in the class: i) drilling operation and ii) conveyor line with bin bags. For the first case, the following functions need to be added. After drilling is completed (lower limit switch LS3 is touched), there will be 2 seconds dwelling time before the drill begins to retract. Also, when the drill arm finishes retracting (upper limit switch LS2 is touched), the spindle motor must stop. Assume that the spindle motor is in operation only while the output to A.41 is high.
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Unformatted text preview: In both cases, make the PLC programs more comprehensive by adding more functions to make the operations more robust. Generate a truth table for each case and verify the table with the simulation results on the PLC. The report must include ladder diagrams, truth tables and programs. Use the following input and output memories: Problem 1: (use SP2) E.07 LS1 E.08 LS2 E.09 LS3 E.0A LS4 A.00 40 A.01 41 A.02 42 A.03 43 A.04 44 Problem 2: (use SP3) E.10 PB1 E.11 PB2 E.12 VS1 E.13 VS2 A.01 CS1 A.02 CS2 LS1 41 40 part loading 44 part unloading LS4 42(up), 43(down)...
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