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ME 576 Lab. Assignment No. 9 Name Part A (CNC-PLC Communication) This week's laboratory experiment involves programming of PLC’s and exchanging information between a PLC and a CNC. It is possible using the PLC program to read some data from CNC, control the functions of CNC and/or interface with external sensors and actuators. Today, we will perform two mini-experiments to understand how these things can be done. You will need to use the accompanied documents to understand specific memory addresses and do these tasks. 1) This experiment is to set up a program to read sensor input and display corresponding error messages. The input ports are connected to the fault detection sensors as follows: E.01 Lubricant Fault E.02 Spindle Overheating E.03 Excessive Tool Wear E.04 Machining Chatter E.05 Spindle Overload After the program is written into SP02, simulate this by using the proper toggle switch. 2)
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