Physics240W02exam1 - ?ubtNftL* Form I Physics 240 1....

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Form I First Exam ?ubtNftL* January 31r 2002 Physics 240 1. Please print your name 2. Circle your discussion instructor and section: Instructor Yao Montfrooij Montrrooij Montfrooij de Vries de \ties Time tt-12 t2-l 1-2 z-) 34 4-5 8-9 9-10 Section 004 005 006 014 015 016 018 022 Scction 023 024 o25 026 027 028 029 7s =lf 4n eo = 9 x loe N.m2/C2 e 1.6 x lO-re C Apr,o. =4m} Instruc*or Timc de Vries 1G11 Gidl€y ll-12 Gidley !-2 fltdley 2-3 Lu Lu 2-3 6o 8.85 x 1o-r2 C2/N-m .l eV= 1.6 x l$-te J V*o-.=a# /3 3. Fill in your name, strdent ID number, section urmber, and the exam versioo (form) number on the scantron sheets. 4. There are twenty multiple choice questions, wor& 5 points each, for a total of 100 points. Choose the answer closest to the correct answer. Transfer your answer for each que-stion to the scantron sheet. You must mark the correct alswer on the scantron sheet to get credit for the problem. No partial credit wilt be given on any problem. There is no penalty for guessing, so be sure to enter an answer for every question. 5 At the end of the exana, hand in your scantron sheet AND your exam copy- 6. The exam is closed book. You may use acalculatonand one3"x5,, card of notes. 7. This is a 90 minr.lte exam-
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1. T*'o point charges 9=29 Md g:4Q areplaced on the x-a:ris &t x--0and r=-a, respectively.'Where on the x-axis t* such that the total force on the frrstpoint charge Q would be zero? Qz=aQ -> Qr:2Q €- )Fa )F0 a) x = -al4 b) x= -alT /6tr t al4 \7 d) x=al2 e) total force on Q cannotbezero drawing, we car cutrclude tr6: 40nz & +n. .= I are shown. From this x-a)ds Qe 'Q o 4Q * :Q €pr n=! + 2. Electdc field lines arising from two point charges Srand Q, P h V ,4 ,yY both Q and Pr$ave tre srnne sign Qis positive, Qrisnegalive, *d l0,ltl0rl Q is positiv e, Qris nqgalive, *d lgl.l2rl is negative, p, is positive, *ra l?rlrl0rl is negxive, -d lgl.El 3. In the above figure, at which of fte foilowing places is tbe magnitude of the elecric field the largest?
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Physics240W02exam1 - ?ubtNftL* Form I Physics 240 1....

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