ME580SYLLABUS-2010 - ME 580: Nonlinear Engineering Systems...

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1 ME 580: Nonlinear Engineering Systems (Fall 2010) Instructor: Anil K Bajaj, School of Mechanical Engineering, Office: Room ME 368 or ME 211: Phone # 494-5688. Time and Place: Tuesday, Thursday : 12:00 pm - 1:15 pm, Room ME 256 Text Book: (1) Nayfeh, A. H. and Mook, D. T.: Nonlinear Oscillations, Wiley Interscience, New York, 1979. + Class Notes. + Reference: (2) Jordan, D. W. and Smith, P.: Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations, 3rd Edition, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1999. Guest Lecturers: Professors Chuck Krousgrill, Arvind Raman, and Jeff Rhoads Grading: There will be about ten to twelve homework sets assigned during this class. Each homework set will consist of problems that will vary from straightforward applications of techniques discussed in class to somewhat open- ended problems which may not have a “satisfying” answer. Homework sets will require some analytical work on paper, and some use of numerical solutions through packages such as MATLAB, MATHEMATICA or MAPLE (your choice). You are encouraged to use any of these packages that you are most familiar with. If you are familiar with none, this is a good time to do so! Mathematica, Maple and MATLAB are available in all computing labs in the ME building. Homeworks are due in class one week from when they are assigned. Late homeworks may be accepted only if you let me know in advance of a special circumstance. The homework counts towards 40% of the total grade. One take-home midterm exam will count for 15% and a take-home final exam will be worth 25% of the total grade. There will be a project in the course and it will count for 20% of the course grade. Campus Emergencies:
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ME580SYLLABUS-2010 - ME 580: Nonlinear Engineering Systems...

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