Study Set -Confidence Interval Estimation

Study Set -Confidence Interval Estimation - MIDDLE EAST...

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1 MIDDLE EAST TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY – NORTHERN CYPRUS CAMPUS BUS 152 STATISTICS FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES SPRING 2011 STUDY SET: CONFIDENCE INTERVAL ESTIMATION Problem 1. The manager of a paint supply store wants to estimate the actual amount of paint contained in 1-gallon cans purchased from a nationally known manufacturer. It is known from the manufacturer’s specifications that the standard deviation of the amount of paint is equal to 0.02 gallon. A random sample of 50 cans is selected, and the sample mean amount of paint per 1-gallon can is 0.995 gallon. a. Construct a 99% confidence interval estimate of the population mean amount of paint included in a 1-gallon can. b. On the basis of your results, do you think that the manager has a right to complain to the manufacturer? Why? c. Must you assume that the population amount of paint per can is normally distributed here? Explain. d. Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate. How does this change your answer to (b)? Problem 2. The inspection division of the Lee County Weights and Measures Department wants to estimate the actual amount of soft drink in 2-liter bottles at the local bottling plant of a large nationally known soft-drink company. The bottling plant has informed the inspection division that the population standard deviation for 2-liter bottles is 0.05 liter. A random sample of 100 2-liter bottles at this bottling plant indicates a sample mean of 1.99 liters.
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Study Set -Confidence Interval Estimation - MIDDLE EAST...

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