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University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering Choma Design Project 1 Fall Semester, 2011 U niversity of S outhern C alifornia USC Viterbi School of Engineering Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering EE 541: DESIGN PROJECT ASSIGNMENT Fall 2011 (Due 12/12/2011) John Choma Project Administration: On the pages that follow, two design/research projects, each of which addresses aspects of filter analysis or design, are suggested. The class is to be divided into groups of no more than four (4) students, and each group is to select one of the projects described below. In order to ensure that both of the projects are studied by the collective class, each group is to advise the course discussion leader (Uldric Antao) of its project choice by no later than 08 November 2011 . In this advisory, be sure to include the names and student identification numbers of each group participant. Project assignments are to be allocated on a first come, first serve basis. There is no doubt that each project will be executed by more than one group of students, but the goal is to ensure that both projects are addressed by the collective class. When more than one group addresses the same project, each group should be aware that project grading is inherently a competitive process in the sense that the most creative, innovative, accurate, and practical design execution rightfully deserves the best grade. Accordingly, groups are well advised against sharing their project results and relevant engineering disclosures. Police yourselves to ensure that every member of the group is doing their respective fair share of the workload. Each group member receives the same project grade, whose weight in the final grading is nominally equivalent to one (1) midterm examination. It is entirely possible that certain aspects and issues of a project have not been addressed definitively in class. In this event, each group must assume responsibility for executing the necessary amount and level of background re- search that is required to ensure maximally successful project conclusion. Uldric Antao serves as the project manager for this assignment. He will be your primary focal point for guidance, direction, assistance, and discussions concerning the completion of each project. Project Reporting: Please subscribe to the following requirements and guidelines. (1). One (1) report per group is to be submitted for grading by the due date. No reports will be accepted after the due date, which is 12 December 2011 ! The discussion leader and the course instructor will collaborate to grade each report. (2). You will not earn points for reporting length! The report should be written and compiled in such a way that anyone knowledgeable in electrical and electronic circuit concepts can Ensure that the name and the student identification number of each group member are listed on the cover page of the final report. Except for schematic diagrams and requisite graphs or charts, the final report should be no longer than nominally ten (10) pages.
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EE541 - EE 541 University of Southern California Viterbi...

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