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MAD 3512 - THEORY OF ALGORITHMS FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIV. REVISION FOR TEST #1 REMEMBER TO BRING AN 8x11 BLUE EXAM BOOKLET FOR THE TEST KEY CONCEPTS & MAIN DEFINITIONS : Alphabets, strings of letters, empty string λ, reverse of a string, concatenation of strings, languages (sets of strings), regular expression (REX ), L(E) = language described by E , equivalent regular expressions , regular languages; phrase-structured, context-free, linear & right-linear grammars; context-free, linear & right-linear languages; useless, unreachable, non-terminating, unit & lambda productions ; normal forms for CFGs and RLGs, parsing and parsing algorithms, derivations, generating tree of a grammar, L(G ) = language generated by G , equivalent grammars, derivation tree, leftmost derivations , ambiguous grammars, inherently ambiguous languages, finite state machines (finite automata), deterministic finite acceptors (DFAs), transition table, transition graph, extended transition function for DFAs, L(M) = language accepted by M , inaccessible states in a DFA , indistinguishable
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  • Fall '10
  • Ramsau
  • Formal language, Formal languages, Regular expression, Nondeterministic finite state machine, Formal grammar, Automata theory

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