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MAD 3512 - THEORY OF ALGORITHMS FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIV. REVISION FOR TEST #2 REMEMBER TO BRING AN 8x11 BLUE EXAM BOOKLET FOR THE TEST KEY CONCEPTS AND MAIN DEFINITIONS : Complement of a DFA, reaching sets, back-tracking sets , the complements & the reverse of a language, (L C ) R and (L R ) C , ambiguity in RLGs, generalized finite automata (GFA); equivalent acceptors, grammars, & regular expressions; closure properties, homomorphisms, decidabilty properties , regular and non-regular languages, the pumping lemma for regular languages, counter-examples involving non-regular languages, Turing machines, configuration, computation , deterministic TMs, Turing-computable functions, Turing-recognizable (acceptable) languages, Turing-decidable languages, Turing semi- , Universal TMs, the Halting Problem, the Busy- beaver function, primitive recursive functions, the initial functions, composition, primitive recursion, total and partial functions, minimization, recursive functions; recursive, semi-
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This note was uploaded on 12/27/2011 for the course MAC 3512 taught by Professor Ramsau during the Fall '10 term at FIU.

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