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MAD 2104 May 5, 2010 [Early] Quiz I + Key Prof. S. Hudson 1) [20pts] Evaluate (simplify) the bit string 11000 (01011 11011). Answer: 11000 11011 = 11000. Notice that, if you think of the digits as numbers, then is the same as ”max” and is the same as ”min”. 2) [30pts] Prove the equivalence, ¬ p ( q r ) q ( p r ). Even if most of your work is calculations, explain your conclusion with at least one sentence. Answer (outline only): Make a truth table with 8 rows and approx 7 columns (it depends on how much you can do in your head). Check that the eight truth values for ¬ p ( q r ) match the ones for q ( p r ), and explain this briefly for your reader . Remember that a proof is supposed to educate and convince someone - it is not just to show me that you get it. 3) [50 pt] Answer each part with “True” or “False”. You do not have to justify your answers. a)
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