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Chapter 1 Summary - Hybridization -atomic orbitals...

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CHEM 3053 Fall 2011 L. D. Shirtcliff Chapter 1 Summary How to: Calculate Formal Charges Draw Lewis Dot Structures Convert between Molecular Formula <--> Lewis Dot Structures <--> Dash Formula <--> Condensed Formula <--> Line Formula Draw Resonance Structures ‘Contributing’ and ‘hybrid’ structures Know: Structural Isomers
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Unformatted text preview: Hybridization -atomic orbitals -molecular orbitals -sigma ( ) bonds -pi ( ) bonds o why restricted rotation? -Cis-Trans Isomerism Shapes of molecules - What are the reasons behind the shapes of molecules? Review: Summary of Concepts from Quantum Mechanics Chapt. 1.15 pp. 36-37 Review: Atomic and Molecular orbitals...
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