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Chapter 2 Summary - How intermolecular forces effect...

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CHEM 3053 Fall 2011 L. D. Shirtcliff Chapter 2 Summary Terms: Electronegativity Polar Covalent Bond Dipole Moment Polar Molecule Intermolecular Forces - Hydrogen Bond - Dispersion Forces - Van der Waals Forces 1° vs. 2° vs. 3° (alkanes, alcohols, amines) iso vs. sec vs. tert From set of compounds, pick higher boiling - How functional groups effect boiling point
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Unformatted text preview: - How intermolecular forces effect boiling point Functional Groups and Nomenclature (name <--> structure): - Alkane - Alkene - Alkyne - Amine - Amide - Aldehyde - Ketone - Carboxylic acid - Ester - Nitrile - Aromatic o Benzyl o Phenyl - Haloalkane - Alcohol - Ether What are R and X?...
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