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CHEM 3053 Fall 2011 L. D. Shirtcliff Chapter 4 Summary Know how to: Determine IUPAC written name from structure. Determine structure from IUPAC written name. - Alkanes - Alkenes - Alkynes - Alcohols - Cyclic Alkanes - Cyclic Alkenes - Cyclic Alkynes - Cyclic Alcohols - Bicyclic compounds - Alkyl Halides Draw Newman Projections Convert between Newman Projection <--> Sawhorse Formula Draw Energy Diagram for bond rotation - Relative energies of staggered and eclipsed conformers - Dihedral angles How to draw 3-D representation:
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Unformatted text preview: - cyclopropane - cyclobutane - cyclopentane Cyclohexane - Convert between chair conformers - Axial and equatorial - 1,3 diaxial interactions - Substituent effects and energies - t-butyl - Chair, boat, and twist boat conformations Disubstituted Cycloalkanes - Trans and cis - Converting between chair conformers - Determination of which is most stable Know: Conformational Isomers Staggered and Eclipsed Anti and gauche Ring Flip Why cyclic compounds have the 3-D structures they have Cis-trans isomerism...
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