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Exam3b - Name First Last CWID Seat Number Chemistry 3053...

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Page Point Totål _____________ 1 Name: First_____________________ Last_________________________ CWID:___________________ Seat Number:____________________ Chemistry 3053 Exam 3, 100 points Thursday, October 27, 2011 GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Write name, CWID, and seat number on this page 2) Check for 10 pages (including this one and the last page with the periodic table). 3) Sign the attendance sheet when you turn in your exam. 4) Keep your exam flat on the desk in front of you. You may only have a writing utensil and your model kits. EVERYTHING ELSE MUST BE PUT AWAY. No cell phones No calculators No electronic devices of any kind. Show Your Work. Be Specific With Your Answers and Write Legibly (if we can’t read it, we can’t grade it) GOOD LUCK When your exam is returned, your score will be on the last page.
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Page Point Totål _____________ 2 1) Mark the letter answer legibly (A, B, C, or D) for each question in the blank to the left. (14 points) ________ 1) Identify which anion would be the least nucleophilic in aprotic solvents. A) F - B) I - C) Br - D) Cl - ________ 2) Identify the most stable alkene. ________ 3) For the following reaction, identify which mechanism(s) it proceeds through.
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