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Organic Functional Group List Functional Group Compound Prefix/Suffix Example IUPAC Name (Common Name) R-H alkane -ane CH 3 CH 3 ethane CC alkene -ene H 2 C=CH 2 ethene (ethylene) alkyne -yne HC { CH ethyne (acetylene) R-X haloalkane halo- CH 3 Cl chloromethane R-OH alcohol -ol (hydroxy-) CH 3 OH methanol R-NH 2 amine -amine (amino-) CH 3 CH 2 NH 2 ethylamine aminoethane R-O-R ether ether (alkoxy-) CH 3 OCH 3 dimethyl ether C O R H aldehyde -al CH 3 CH O ethanal (acetaldeyde) C O RR ketone -one CH 3 CCH 3 O propanone (acetone) R C O O H carboxylic acid -oic acid CH 3 COH
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