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Unformatted text preview: 01/07/2011 Daily Wordlist Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test | Previous Wordlists magnanimous [ mag-NAN-uh-muh s ] [ adjective ] MEANING : 1. noble of mind and heart; high-minded 2. forgiving, not holding onto grudges; not revengeful or vindictive 3. characterised by great generosity or nobility of action USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The magnanimous industrialist built many educational institutes for the poor. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : The Rs 70,000-crore debt waiver scheme for farmers is, by all standards, magnanimous. The Times Of India, Govt not OK with fence eating farm loan waiver, Shishir Arya, 10 Jul 2008, TNN carte blanche [ KAHRT BLANCH, BLAHNCH; Fr. Kar*t BLAHN*SH ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. unconditional authority 2. unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion 3. a blank paper with a person's signature, etc, at the bottom, given to another person with permission to superscribe what conditions he pleases. USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : She gave her brother carte blanche to do as he pleased in the company. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : Being a free agent is exciting, rewarding and gives you carte blanche to choose your own hours and assignments. CNN, Seven easy steps to a freelance life, From Kate Lorenz, April 2, 2007 constrict [ kuh n-STRIKT ] [ intransitive verb, transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (tr.v.) to compress, squeeze or clamp 2. (tr.v.) to inhibit, restrict or stultify 3. (intr.v.) to get constricted USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : The company profits were constricted because of petty in-fighting between the company's board of directors. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : The Airbus A330-200 has a "rudder limiter" which constricts how much the rudder - which is attached to the vertical stabilizer - can move at high speeds. Telegraph, Air France crash: Investigators recover 29 bodies in total, 09 Jun 2009 plight [ plahyt ] [ noun, transitive verb ] MEANING : 1. (n.) an unfortunate situation 2. (n.) a situation or predicament 3. (tr. v.) to pledge or to bind by a pledge USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : People donated in cash and kind after hearing of the sorry plight of the victims of the tsunami. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : He describes the plight of villagers who lost everything to the floods. BBC, India floods: 'Misery everywhere', 5 October 2009. whorl [ hwurl, hwawrl, wurl, wawrl ] [ noun ] MEANING : 1. a circular arrangement of like parts around a point on an axis 2. shaped like a coil or spiral 3. a circular ridge or convolution of a fingerprint USAGE EXAMPLE 1 : Fresh flowers were affixed to the backdrop in decorative whorls. USAGE EXAMPLE 2 : It hides under bracken, and has finished flowering now, but the leaves were quite distinctive, an untidy whorl of bright green smooth leaves. BBC, Botany, 30 June 2008. Spelled Pronunciation Key Stress marks: [ CAPS ] indicates the primary stressed syllable, as in newspaper [NOOZ-pey-per ] and information [ in-fer-MEY-shuh' n ] CONSONANTS [b] b oy, b a b y, ro b [d] d o, la dd er, be d [f] f ood, o ff er, sa f e VOWELS [a] a pple, c a n, h a t [ey] ai d, h a te, d ay [ah] a rm, f a ther, ah a [g]...
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This note was uploaded on 12/23/2011 for the course ENGLISH 117 taught by Professor Tripathy during the Spring '11 term at Apex College.

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w117(1-5) - 01/07/2011 Daily Wordlist Vocabulary Flashcards...

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