NS102 Study Problems Set 16

NS102 Study Problems Set 16 - NS102 Study Problems Set 16...

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NS102 Study Problems Set 16 The set contains study problems and exam questions from the previous semesters on Patterns of Inheritance, Mendel Laws and Beyond Mendel. 1. (Exam Archive) You are an astronaut and you go to Mars, and find Martians with diploid cells. There are two kinds of Martians on the surface of the planet, green ones and orange ones. After many years of research you isolate true breeding green and true breeding orange Martians. Cross an orange with a green and you always get green. (a) Which allele of the gene controlling Martian color is recessive and which is dominant? (b) You cross two F1 Martians and get F2 Martians, what will they look like? Answer: (a) GG x oo parental generation. Go F1 generation phenotypically looks green. So, green is dominant . (b) F1 generation Go x Go Gives F2 generation: ¼ GG green ¼ oo orange ½ Go green 2. (Exam Archive) Your work is focused on mice in a laboratory. Coat color in mice is inherited by a dominant allele A that makes the mice black and a recessive allele a that makes the mice white. (a) What experiment would you do to determine whether black mice are homozygote or heterozygote? How is this done? (b) After a lab accident, all your white mice die. You know that half of your black mice are heterozygous and the other half are homozygous, what mice would you breed to generate white coat color mice? Answer: (a) Test cross to a known homozygous recessive.(b) Cross two heterozygous black mice. . 3.
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NS102 Study Problems Set 16 - NS102 Study Problems Set 16...

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