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ENS203L ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS I LAB SESSIONS LAB 1 - OPERATING THE INSTRUMENTS I FALL 2010 Objectives The objective of the first lab is to familiarize you with two of the basic instruments used in the lab; the DC power supply and multimeter. When you have completed this laboratory, you will have an understanding of: 1) How to construct basic circuits on breadboard. 2) How to make measurements with the multimeter and DC power supply. 3) How to measure voltage and current in different places of a circuit. 4) The quantitative relationship between potential difference and current of a resistor (Ohm’s Law). 5) Physical limitations of these devices. Pre Lab Work In the “Introduction” part of the ENS203 Lab Manual, read the sections about: 1) DC Power Supply 2) Multimeter 3) Breadboard Laboratory Procedure Before starting the lab, lab assistants will give information about the components (resistors, breadboard and wires-connectors) and instruments you will use in this lab. Listen carefully. .. Note: Use lab manual if you have any questions about the usage of the components and instruments before asking your lab assistant. Part 1 Open the DC supply and the multimeter in your workbench and try to understand the functionalities of these buttons. Plug in the appropriate cables into the right sockets of the instruments. See the details in Lab Manual. Connect the DC supply cables into the +25V socket. Set the voltage of the DC supply to be 5 Volts and change the measurement type of the multimeter as Voltage (DC). Then connect the clips of the DC supply and the multimeter. Be sure you are measuring the same value in the multimeter as you set the DC supply. Is there any difference? Be careful with the DC supply leads. Avoid letting them touch at any time. Now change the voltage between 0 Volt to +25 Volts and to -25 Volts and try to
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observe the results on the Multimeter. Part 2
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