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Unformatted text preview: Fundamentals of Microbiology (Biology 140) Course notes Dr. Josh D. Neufeld Topic 18 Learning Objectives: To understand additional Gram ­negative categories of Bacteria. Spirilla (Table 17.14) • Phylogenetically and physiologically diverse group • Spiral shape One of the more interesting members of the Spirilla is Bdellovibrio (Figures 17.32). Bdellovibrio cells prey on other Gram ­negative bacteria. They strike and stick to the surface of the "victim" cells, then penetrate into the periplasmic space where they replicate. Bdellovibrio cells do not grow well outside of the host cell, but variants have been isolated that are able to grow in pure culture. Budding, appendaged (Prosthecate) and stalked Bacteria (Table 17.15) • Physiologically heterogeneous group • Cytoplasmic extrusions • Unequal cell division (Figure 17.36) results in daughter cell that is distinct from mother cell • An example of a budding cell is Hyphomicrobium (Figure 17.37) o o Bud forms at end of hypha o • Mother cell is often attached to solid substrate Daughter cell is a swarmer cell An example of a stalked cell is Caulobacter (Figure 17.40) o Mother cell has stalk, attached to solid substrate o Cell division by unequal binary fission o Daughter cell is a swarmer cell Fundamentals of Microbiology (Biology 140) Course notes Dr. Josh D. Neufeld Gliding Myxobacteria (Table 17.16) • Complex behaviour and development (Figure 17.43 and 17.44) • Very large chromosome (9.5 Mb) • Vegetative cells exhibit gliding motility over surfaces, obtain nutrients by lysing other bacterial cells (Figure 17.46) • Under conditions of nutrient limitation, differentiate to form multicellular, pigmented fruiting bodies which are visible to the naked eye (Figure 17.43) • Fruiting bodies are filled with myxospores ...
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