Grafica Inc - Grafica Inc. Winning the New Jersey Lottery...

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Grafica Inc. Winning the New Jersey Lottery (A) Introduction Debra Taeschler is the President and CEO of Grafica Inc. Grafica Inc. is an advertising agency located in Chester, New Jersey. The boutique is well-known for its integrated marketing approach to customer relationship management and its expertise in using digital technologies in marketing communications and advertising. Debra Taeschler started Grafica with a colleague John Puglionisi in her basement apartment. Her husband John Taeschler has been supporting Grafica’s day-to-day activities. Presently Grafica employees more than 50 Currently Grafica is heading to bid a high profile contract with New Jersey Lottery. This account is critical for Debra Taeschler as it would help Grafica soar greater heights and spread its wings. Umbralla marketing communication with an emphasis on creating positive perception. Grafica could mention that the consistent increase in instant game ticket sales is highly correlated to marketing endeavor. It is clearly seen by comparing to other games without marketing efforts. By doing so, Grafica would not criticize NJ lottery's past performance but expand its marketing efforts on other game programs. If Grafica takes an internal position for all the products including matured and new products (emphasis on the new product) on the advertising campaign with persuading messages how NJ lottery helps many state support projects and upscale image. By doing so, NJ State can expect more revenues than the revenues generated by implementing discrete advertisements since the awareness of positive effects of lottery sales encourages overall product line sales. Economies of scale on advertising will increase by integrating all other advertising efforts into one umbrella advertisement. Based on the information given on market demographics, Grafica can primarily create
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Grafica Inc - Grafica Inc. Winning the New Jersey Lottery...

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