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Rochester Institute of Technology 4050 351 Homework 4: IP Addressing and Subnets Name: Lecture Professor: 1. ( 1 point each correct answer, 24 total ) Fill in the following table: Classful IP Net Address Subnet bits  borrowed Subnet mask (in decimal) Maximum # subnets Useable #  hosts/subnet 4 12 20 5 5 5 13 13 2. ( 0.5 points each correct answer, 12 total ) Given the Classful IP Network Address of and 3-bits used  for subnetting, fill in the table below for all useable subnets.  Subnetwork Subnet Field Useable Range of Host Addresses in Decimal Address (in binary) Low High 3.( 4 Points ) What is the subnet mask for the network in question 2 in decimal quad notation? _______________________________________________________________   2009 Rev 91
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Rochester Institute of Technology 4. A company has received a network address of  The firm has maintained a traditional  segmentation into the divisions shown below. Division Devices Requiring an IP Address Computers Printers Other Devices Accounting 18 5 2 Marketing 21 3 2 Development 18 5 5 Production 17 3 5 Distribution 16 3 8 Based on the information given in the above table, you must put yourself in the position of the network  administrator and develop a subnetting plan that supports the separation of the departments on the network.  Fill in 
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2008-351-homework_4 - RochesterInstituteofTechnology

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