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Rochester Institute of Technology 4050 351 – Lab 4: Point to Point Protocol Study Guide Name: _____________________ Instructions:  In an attempt to more closely tie lectures to the weekly lab experience, we have prepared a series of  preparation questions. These are required to be completed and will be counted as 10% of your lab grade for  that week. Some of your exam questions will come from these study guides. 1. (3 points) Based on the information you have from lecture, reading your text, and research you have done  (and looking at the equipment we have), diagram what you believe the network topology will look like for a  PPP setup. Be sure to label all connections, the PBX, and all other components such as servers, 
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Unformatted text preview: workstations, cables, addresses, etc. Hint: Go to the netlab and take a look. 2. (2 point) Explain what a PBX is and how it is used in data communications? (Hint: Try Google.) 3. (3 point) Explain the acronym DHCP. What is DHCP used for? How do you access DHCP (physically and logically) from the both the Windows PCs and the Linux PCs in our lab? 4. (2 points) Explain the addressing scheme used by a node connecting to the Internet via PPP at Layer 2 and Layer 3 of the OSI Model. Does this include the use of an IP address to communicate with other resources on that network? Why or why not? Hint: Remember what layers the protocols operate at and what is required for network communication. 2009 rev 91...
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